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    Glass door handle not alone has the function from the ordinary glass door handle, and have the function of the lock, and adjustable horizontal distance between the 2 handles, vertical distance between the fixed foot is often adjustable handle itself, inside the locked door shake handshandle also cleverly which is designed to scale and turn the locking bolt, door open lock may be turning back into that handle tube, appearance couldn’t see; When you lock the glass door, you’ll be able to take out the lock bolt through the handle tube, turn the item out, and then it is locked because of the lock core on the handle on the other side, so as to freeze the glass door.
    Can play inside locking bolt “closed”, “do not necessarily pass” and sales cell phone calls, already can do word, but also for the company’s advertising, more humanized voice prompt, very practical. The product has the characteristics associated with low production cost as well as good appearance, with options of text prompt or perhaps text ads, so must be sought by the client market, account for a substantial share of the a glass door handle, in order to get huge economic benefits. Glass door is usually a special kind of doorway, first of all, its thickness is not enough to become a solid door, and it does not belong to the atypical home, in fact, it is a special form of that door. The character in the glass door is dependant upon the character of the particular glass itself. When using toughened and transparent glass by way of example, door leaf has be connected appear a function, then when using ground glass, own function of half pervious to be able to light. It is also opertation arising from this.

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